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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello! (Again!)

I started this blog quite some time ago when I first got into blogging. It was a little side project where I just posted random thoughts about the things that I found relevant in my life at that time. But I soon became bored with blogging because I felt that this blog didn't adequately represent who I really was or what I was trying to say. About a year later, I started another blog, Insights. This became my heart and soul of a blog. I finally had a space to just post whatever I wanted, and it really did reflect the things I wanted it to reflect. But now, I look back to this blog and find that I want to revamp it and keep it as a Food and Random Rantings blog of mine! I love to just write about what I feel like and cook and bake random delicious (and sometimes not so delicious) goods. This blog will be that space. So expect no coherence in my posts, but do always expect my opinions, writings, and delicious foods to be shared with you all! :)