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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Angry Side Note: Greedy Universities

I was appalled, no, make that disgusted when I heard of UofT’s flat-rate tuition fee program that the university would like to start in 2011. All I can say is that thank god that I am graduating from UofT in 2010 (hopefully), and that I won’t have to deal with the horrible ill-planned mess that the university is about to introduce for students. Any student who is taking less than four credits would be downgraded to part-time student status, meaning they cannot have access to interest free OSAP or any of the other benefits of full time student status (like child care on campus). Those who chose to take four courses will have to pay around $1200 more for something they are not even getting a benefit out of. The only people that will be getting a ‘fair deal’ from this are the students taking six courses a year, and honestly, that is tough on any student who also wants to work and go to school at the same time. I hope that UofT will come to their senses and keep tuition fees as they are now. Or a better novel idea: lower the tuition fees for students like we’ve been lobbying for!

And this is just a side note: I don’t personally know where all my tuition dollars are going to now! My campus constantly looks like hell. This is not a joke. The moral of the place is constantly low. And despite our new library and our wonderful “communications” building which looks like a supped-up prison cell, there hasn’t even been a slight improvement in campus food, or recreation space for the students. There aren’t even backs on half the chairs at the meeting place!

I love what I study, but I cannot support a program that will disenfranchise so many students and leave so many more without an education. Honestly, I thought that in the recession, the goal was to educate as many young minds as possible to create new jobs in the future to get us out of this mess, not introduce a bogus policy that would keep talented people out of a post secondary education!

For those interested here is the article outlining the policy.


Maha said...

Honest to God UofT is out to screw everyone up the rear end - the only choice they give you is the brand of lube and even that is questionable. For a university that 'prides' itself for not letting students drop out of school for financial reasons, this is a giant EFF YOU to students on the lower end of the socio-economic ladder. Bastards.

The New Black said...

Same thing is happening at my University...irks me!

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