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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moskovskiy Metropoliten

I have studied Russia since the start of my academic career. It still amazes me as to how many people do not know the beauty that Russia has to offer, especially architecturally. There is St. Basil's, which is probably the most famous architectural monument in Russia, but one thing that really makes me squeal in delight is the Moscow Metro. Designed during the reign of Stalin, the metro stations were supposed to be a highlight of the sophistication and opulence enjoyed by the Russian people (although this may not have been the case factually, these metro stations still truly scream luxury).

The Komsomol'skaya Station
Designed by Shchusev

The Novoslobodskaya Station

Other Stations along the metro:


Maha said...

what the bloody hell man??! our subway stations smell like pee - and there's usually a couple of drunks passed out up north!! I want, nay, DESERVE a subway station as beautiful as the ones above because I have to commute so much!

coco said...

Lovely photos.

DaisyChain said...

Everything is SO damn beautiful, wow.

Insomnia said...

Yep, Russia has a lot of beautiful things!
I'm such a big fan of the metro stations too. When I first took the metro in Europe, I was kind of in shock, because I was used to all this beauty.

La Couturier said...

You've met Daria?! I am so jealous!! =]

Those images are so beautiful. I'd love to go!

La C.

Denise said...

thank you so much for the lovely comment.

those photos are lovely! have a great day!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...


Charmaine said...

wowwww breathtaking eh! i want to visit soo bad and see this firsthand!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I can't wait to go to Russia... I am fluent in it and it is close to my culture, but I never got the chance to stop there for few days.

Their palaces are also breathtaking... I think that too many architectural classes overlook Russian architecture, I always wondered why? :S

kelly said...

absolutely beautiful photos! and thank you so much for such a sweet comment on my blog! i love getting new readers! keep checking back and i will definitely check yours more often!

Joelyne said...

love these photos!

thank u for ur comment :)


loves.... said...

fantastic locations - great architecture

Wanderlusting said...

I LOVE train stations - in Europe that is, such a romantic element to them despite the new technology. Those ones are works of art, plain and simple!

Tina T said...

I thought that the Metro in DC had the nicest train stations until I saw these. I definitely need to get out more.

brooke said...

wow, there is so much beauty there! i had no idea, its amazing. europe is so cool like that. boo western world :P

thanks for posting these! such works of art.

thanks also for your comment a while back, sorry it took me so long to reply!


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