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Friday, March 12, 2010

Swirls Cupcakes

swirls cupcakes

swirls cupcakes

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a good old delicious cupcake on days when you are feeling down. I have learned this through various attempts at trying to cheer myself up when I am feeling blue. So an entire shop devoted to cupcakes in the middle of suburban Mississauga is just a treat waiting to be explored. I ventured into Swirls Cupcakes today with my beau in tow. The first thing that hit us was the heady aroma of sweet baked goods. It was like stepping into my grandmother's kitchen; had she been a baker and had she lived in a country that wasn't devoted to eating only spicy foods. The cashier was friendly and indulged me as I salivated over their array of cupcakes on display. A rainbow of perfectly decorated morsels lay in front of me. Which one to pick? I had to take the pack of six, and he happily obliged. I had trouble picking which ones to get; they just all screamed "eat me, I'm delicious!" But my discriminating wallet made me make a choice for the six that I lusted after greatly; the Red Velvet Cupcake, Mango Cupcake (pictured; with the heavenly orange frosting), Choc Therapy Cupcake, Lemon Luau Cupcake (pictured; with the delectable coconut topping) and the Marblelous Swirl Cupcake (pictured; with the tasty and messy chocolate ganache). Wait, that's only five cupcakes you say? Well yes, the beau wanted another Red Velvet. Such is the price of love. So what did I think of these tasty little treats? Yum. I was partial to the Marlelous Swirl Cupcake which is pictured above with the chocolate ganache. That sucker was a messy and delicious one. I'm sure I've got ganache on my camera now. I couldn't take a picture of the red velvets or the choc therapy cupcakes but they were superb. The texture of the cupcake was moist and dense, which was very nice. I thought the icing could have used more sweetness, but the opinion of my discriminating pallet was squashed by my sister and beau who enjoyed the icing the most.
So if you value baked goods and if you are feeling low or high I do encourage you to check out Swirls Cupcakes. They may not be nutritious, but life is short and should only include the delicious. 


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