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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I dream of you!

There are only a very few things in life that really spark my savings fund into overdrive. For the past two years I had been saving for this laptop, which was a huge necessity for me, especially in university. Prior to this, I had never really felt the urge to save a lot for one item of anything really. I just save for the future, just in case I go dirt broke and can’t afford my daily Tim Horton’s fix anymore (yes, I am an ubiquitous Canadian Timhoe!). However, lately, my mind has been focused on one thing and one thing alone. It is this precise coach bag that entices me, tickles my fancy, makes me want to run to the coach store and just spend, spend, spend! I dream of this bag at night before I sleep, hoping that it’ll magically be in arms reach by the time I wake up. When I drink my Tim’s fix, I dream of the $10 000 prize, not for necessity’s sake, but for the sake of owning this bag. I almost feel guilty, a bit dirty even, to jump on the coach bag bandwagon. As far as bags go, Coach is ok. I already own a coach that I got as a gift a year ago, and I have no complaints, its built really well and it feels really good. But there is something about this bag that makes me not care that I’m buying into the hype. As a staunch non-conformist, that is huge break from my beliefs! But the design, the colour, everything about this bag screams “Marz” to me! I’m going to try my best to save, although I know this is a hopeless feat. With grad school application fees just around the corner and this ailing economy where nothing is certain anymore, I guess my bag fund will have to wait. ... how depressing!


maha said...

I love that bag! But fiscal responsibility dictates that I invest that money into paying down my debts... but I want it! Sadly I think I'll have to settle for staring at it online and then dreaming about it. Boo.

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